Here's to P.I.D. Recently, I lost the ability to listen to my iPod in the car, which got me to pull out my CD collection. Yesterday, I found Back to Back, the second album by P.I.D. and truly a significant part of my early teenage life. I LOVED that tape. It was stolen at some point in my childhood, but I found it on CD a few years later. Read the rest of this entry »
Wisdom Chaser: Finding My Father at 14,000 Feet

I just wanted to drop a quick review of the latest book I just finished: Wisdom Chaser: Finding My Father at 14,000 Feet (affiliate link) If you’re not familiar with Nathan Foster, perhaps you’ve heard of his dad, Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline (affiliate link) and Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home (affiliate link) – two of the meatiest books on a close relationship with God I’ve ever read.

Nathan pretty honestly addresses the common struggle of all men, but especially with my generation: our relationships with our fathers. Like Nathan, I’ve had to work through my own father issues, and I have one of the good ones, as does he. As a writer, Nathan sometimes needs some work – the chapters could sometimes dig a little deeper, but honestly, he’s engaging for one simple reason: he’s very honest. When I care about a story as much as I cared about his, I don’t care so much about little technicalities. Besides, I don’t think I’ve got much to brag about when it comes to writing either.

I highly recommend this book to any guy who wants some wisdom on how to learn to bridge that relationship gap with his father.

Thanks, Nathan, for taking the time to put it out there. I’m going to try some of the things I learned from this book – in my own way, of course, since I don’t live near any mountains.

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Last week I finally read the second half of Enter The Kettlebell (affiliate link) more carefully and figured out what I needed to be doing as a minimum to work up to the more advanced workout. Read the rest of this entry »
nk Jack White's comment here says it all - who needs to buy a guitar? Make music with what you have! Read the rest of this entry »
In continuing my thoughts on Keith Green, I think the next important take away for us is to tell the truth, and do it with passion. Read the rest of this entry »
I'm up tonight, not able to sleep, remembering my number one childhood hero, Keith Green. Read the rest of this entry »

I just wanted to pay quick tribute to beauty for its own sake.

Beauty is worth working for and worth fighting for.

When you create something worth selling, please don’t forget to pay attention to the beauty it adds to the word.

Really, if what you’re doing as a business owner – an inventor or service provider or artist doesn’t add to the beauty of the world in some sense, what’s the point? What better service can you be to the world?

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I would like to dedicate this post to beauty. Beauty is restorative. Beauty wakes us up. Beauty helps us remember what we're made for. Beauty helps us to keep fighting and keeps us fighting for and against the right things. Beauty humbles us and lifts us up at the same time.... Read the rest of this entry »
I'm sitting in Starbucks, reflecting over the last 3 years or so. I'm remembering the summer of 2007. My wife Anna and I had been married almost 4 years. We were both very frustrated people at this point. Frustrated with each other, frustrated with life. Thinking how far we were from where we wanted to be. In debt because we were using undisciplined spending to numb the pain. Unsatisfied, in pain, but at least admitting we needed help. Read the rest of this entry »
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