Oh dear...

This is one of those moments I got bit by the muse, or whatever she’s supposed to do, and I just had to write.

On Monday, my wife and son and I hung our with our good friend Mike Hylton and his daughter. While the kids were playing on the indoor mall playground, Mike shared the story he chronicles in his latest blog post. To sum up, Mike is a poet and a big fan of Billy Collins. He posted one of Collins’ poems above the mailboxes on Sunday night. As seen in the picture above, some kind, anonymous neighbor made his feelings known.
So as you can see, Mike had a choice. Suck on that juicy life-lemon and get a sour face out of it, or take it, add some sense-of-humor-sugar and water and share something effulgent with all of us. And now that anonymous neighbor is anonymously famous, and the world is a sweeter place for it.

Bravo, Mike!

Back to work for me now…

Time to Start