Anna & Me on our 7th anniversary

Anna & Me on our 7th anniversary

Today I wanted to say a few simple words about the best woman in the world, Anna Kristen Schulte. Today she finished her fourth half marathon. A couple years ago, she could barely do a 5k. I feel like maybe in some of my posts I’ve given the wrong impression about her, like maybe I’ve implied she’s not supportive of my dreams or just not a good wife. So I feel like I should correct that notion.

Anna has stuck by me and encouraged me to keep going with self-employment. Anna has always had a life and energy I strive to have. She has eyes that dance and a heart that welcomes you in. She’s everybody’s best friend. Everybody feels her presence when she’s around and misses it when she’s not, but none more than me.

A kind word from Anna is enough to keep me going for weeks. I don’t mean to say she never says anything unkind or never gets upset or unfair. She’s human. She fails. But she keeps going. She lives from her heart and always does the best she knows to do.

A couple months ago she was named head worship leader at our church, and as I told her at the time, she was born for the job. She’s an amazingly gifted musician, but more than that, she really and truly leads in worship and leads the team to be better worshipers as well. She often lacks confidence, but she doesn’t quit. A couple weeks ago, I was leading worship and had one of the roughest starts I’ve ever had. If it hadn’t been for her words and encouragement and prayer, I would’ve given up. Instead, I had one of the best finishes I’ve ever had as a worship leader.

I know I don’t tell her often enough, but she makes me proud to be her husband and happy to be alive. I’m looking forward to the rest of my life with her.

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