P.I.D. - Back to Back

P.I.D. - Back to Back

Here’s to P.I.D.

Recently, I lost the ability to listen to my iPod in the car, which got me to pull out my CD collection. Yesterday, I found Back to Back, the second album by P.I.D. and truly a significant part of my early teenage life. I LOVED that tape. It was stolen at some point in my childhood, but I found it on CD a few years later.

Most of the time, when I pull out a Christian music CD that I loved when I was kid, it just doesn’t stand up. Not so with P.I.D. They’re every bit as cool and truly progressive in their style as I remember. Definitely up to the standards of their secular contemporaries, if not a bit ahead.

I also did a little digging and found out Fred Lynch is still going strong with God Style Productions.

It’s nice to be able to listen to rap that’s appropriate for my three-year-old son and also nice to see that the original mission is still in action.

Thanks Barry & Fred!

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