Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) (logo courtesy of Dragon Door productions)

Alright guys, just a quick little update after my last post. I said I had a new plan, so here it is, in a nutshell. I’ve made an arrangement with StudioRKC, a St. Louis-based physical training studio specializing in Russian Kettlebell methods, specifically, Russian Kettlebell Challenge, or RKC. In exchange for their knowledgeable training, I will manage their website and overall online presence. In other words, I train them and they train me. In order to gain more publicity and shamelessly promote both of us, I’m going to be blogging about my long journey from fat to fit, or whatever cliche you choose. I’ll be sure to add pictures and videos along the way, and I hope you enjoy them.

How you can help: I need a good name. It needs to be catchy, funny, edgy, but not outright offensive. I’m looking for a good title, tag line, and domain name. For instance, my personal top choice so far is Funny, but I’m not sure it’s funny enough.

To everyone whose ideas I actually use, I will send a copy of “Enter the Kettlebell” both in book and DVD form. As I said last time, they’re the most entertaining and informative pieces of literature on physical fitness you may ever read.

So, enter away – email me, put it in a comment field, send it over Facebook or Twitter. I’ll keep track and let everyone know who the winner is.


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While browsing all the weight training books at Borders one days, 90% of which looked goofy and made me feel ridiculous, I stumbled upon Enter The Kettlebell - by far the most entertaining book on fitness I've ever read. Pavel writes with the full bravado, confidence and humor of someone who ironically, actually knows what he's talking about. How can you not love a book that promises "fat loss without the dishonor of aerobics"? Read the rest of this entry »
Last week I finally read the second half of Enter The Kettlebell (affiliate link) more carefully and figured out what I needed to be doing as a minimum to work up to the more advanced workout. Read the rest of this entry »
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