Prayer is communion with Jesus. At its best, it’s simply loving him and being with him and letting him be with you.
It’s knowing him and being known by him.
It’s letting him really love you.
It’s letting him connect you back to your true heart – your truest, deepest self. The one that feels no need to prove itself to anyone. The one that’s usually buried.

And here’s where music can help.

I’ve been leading worship at my church for a good 14 years now, and most of my life, I’ve loved the worship time at church best. It’s where I met with Jesus and he met with me, and it’s where I felt most myself. I think the Vineyard church I spent my teen years in was really smart to combine worship time with active prayer ministry time. It’s not that music was really the central piece of the puzzle. It was a means for Jesus to speak to a heart without words.

So I think at its best, prayer can’t really be expressed in words. Words are limited. Words are….

Time to Start