Levi & Me at the zoo

Levi & Me at the zoo

Relationships matter, as I’ve said before. And here’s a confession: I suck at relationships.

I’ve been shy as long as I can remember. That, by itself, isn’t enough to make me suck at relationships. In fact I’m not even sure it’s a major contributing factor. Maybe it is to the degree that I hold back.

Here’s the other part of me that’s really true though: I care about people and I care about changing the world for the better. It so often doesn’t come out though. I think people assume I don’t care, or even worse, that I actually dislike them – neither of which are true.

Here’s what’s generally been my problem: I’m deeply afraid of rejection. I think maybe most people are. I live in that fear and let it define me. I don’t speak when I should, and when I do, it’s too often a negative thing. In the end, I think I need to offer encouragement and affirmation. It’s always what I’m wanting for myself but never seem to get, so here’s where I’m going to set a tangible goal for 2012.

If I do nothing else, set and meet no other goals, I’ll be happy if I do the following: I will write one note of detailed affirmation and encouragement to someone close to me per month.

From there, the results are in God’s hands, but I honestly think this goal comes from Him, so I’m going with it.

How about you?

  • Mark Schulte

    I like your goal. Writing affirmations gives the receiver time to digest and absorb it.  You are also right that most suffer from fear of rejection.  I still battle it and your mother still battles it but it improves as you age but doesn’t seem to disappear. Be assured you touch peoples lives and thus bring change to this world all the time.  You just don’t get the feed back to know.  You will be surprised in heaven as people come up to you and tell you then. You are very gifted in patience and caring.  For every person who takes your silence as rejection there are many others who if asked would give glowing reports of how you have enriched their lives. Your mom and I couldn’t be more proud of you.  You have enriched our lives and taught us lots. There are things in you that I look at as an example for myself to attain.
    Love you,

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