Levi & Me at the zoo

Levi & Me at the zoo

Relationships matter, as I’ve said before. And here’s a confession: I suck at relationships.

I’ve been shy as long as I can remember. That, by itself, isn’t enough to make me suck at relationships. In fact I’m not even sure it’s a major contributing factor. Maybe it is to the degree that I hold back.

Here’s the other part of me that’s really true though: I care about people and I care about changing the world for the better. It so often doesn’t come out though. I think people assume I don’t care, or even worse, that I actually dislike them – neither of which are true.

Here’s what’s generally been my problem: I’m deeply afraid of rejection. I think maybe most people are. I live in that fear and let it define me. I don’t speak when I should, and when I do, it’s too often a negative thing. In the end, I think I need to offer encouragement and affirmation. It’s always what I’m wanting for myself but never seem to get, so here’s where I’m going to set a tangible goal for 2012.

If I do nothing else, set and meet no other goals, I’ll be happy if I do the following: I will write one note of detailed affirmation and encouragement to someone close to me per month.

From there, the results are in God’s hands, but I honestly think this goal comes from Him, so I’m going with it.

How about you?

Time to Start