My first Kettlebell (16kg / 35lb)

My first Kettlebell (16kg / 35lb)

As some of you may know, I started working out with a kettlebell (pictured above) at the beginning of this year, and I love it. But due to the stresses of life (work troubles, adoption) I slacked off.

Last week I finally read the second half of Enter The Kettlebell (affiliate link) more carefully and figured out what I needed to be doing as a minimum to work up to the more advanced workout.

So starting this week:

Monday: 5 minutes of continuous get-ups, alternating arms. Practiced face the wall squats for form improvement as well as clean and press.

Tuesday: 12 minutes of swings to a “comfortable stop” with jogging in place / walking around for rest in between. Also practiced wall facing squats to improve form, as well as practicing the clean and press and a few snatches.

So far I’ve figured out one major thing:
Although I’m left handed, I seem to be considerably stronger on my right side and can pull off pretty good form for cleans, presses and snatches on that side, while I keep banging up my left wrist… I’m hoping continuous practice will help correct the imbalance. I also got a door-frame mounted pull-up bar through Freecycle today and confirmed that I can’t even do one. Also hoping this will help improve imbalances.

Anyway, I feel more like a man, which is a good thing.

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