In continuing my thoughts on Keith Green, I think the next important take away for us is to tell the truth, and do it with passion. You may offend people, and you might even at times be very wrong, and Keith covered both of those. He offended often and pulled no punches because he knew it was more important to tell people the truth. Of course the other part of that is having enough humility to admit when you’re wrong. Keith did that too.
If that scares you and you’re convinced you can’t make a living that way, then you should flip to the end of No Compromise (affiliate link) and note how well they were actually doing financially. The book doesn’t come out and give an amount, but after Keith’s death, Melody, his widow, was able to write a rather large check to YWAM.
The point is, tell the truth, with passion, and some humility and it will pay off, monetarily and otherwise.

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